OK, Not Kidding….

It really is just starting. This is where you see what “revaluation” means. The market suddenly puts a higher value on something they didn’t before. For example: A stock goes from 0.80 times tangible book value to much higher OR a stock goes from 7 times earnings to 12 times earnings.

There’s a reason for it; the market believe the fortunes of these companies are changing rapidly (as I do.) As I’ve mentioned, the Main Street economy is coming back from a very long absence. Small business will begin to borrow; small towns will begin to grow (and medium and larger). Ordinary people will see their buying power improve.

Who won’t do especially well? Wall Street and the very wealthy. The days of one shot wonders is gone, mostly. It was like buying IBM in the 1950s. Microsoft in the 1980s. There won’t be another Google or Amazon for a couple decades. I’m not saying their stocks will crumble, just not be very exciting.

Meanwhile little banks will grow and grow, slow and steady and surprisingly over the long term.

Look at PROV.